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learning the light

When you're a camera fiend like me, it behooves oneself to become familiar with what the light can do in your immediate surroundings to improve the scene. My favorite time is sunset, so many of mine are made within an hour or two of that event. I can tell you just about what time the sun over Pecan Lane will set in any given month of the year because it's been my life for 20 years. Blessed? You bet your ass I am.

The computer has been tied up for three days now with BG working on her final big ginormous paper for school. Capstone, it's called. She's managed to line up two offers for internship so it's all good. Pretty soon the sleepless nights and hard work will all be a memory for awhile. Time to take it on the road.

My high school class is having a reunion this coming weekend...our 35th. A lot of people look at 'em as the next best thing to having a root canal, but I love it. In the past we've done it up all formal and stuff but this time it's about as laid back as you can get and still call it a party. I've been stalking some class members tryng to convince them to show up. Yeah, it's my evil twin that gets out on occasion. I have no doubt it will be one for the history books.

Ya'll know that Trapper died and got dragged off with a tractor put to rest a few weeks ago. It seems that Pride has recovered from his grief and started playing the "lets get out and watch the people chase me" game. Not that it's a hard thing to do, mind you. The ancient barbed wire and weathered fenceposts don't offer much resistance. We've run him back into the lot no less than 5 times this weekend and he's currently grazing on corn stalks. Wander on, dude. Don't get hit by a golf cart :)

There's this little side porch on my house which I figure was where the lady of the house stepped out years ago to tell the farm hands that supper was ready. It has turned into my favorite spot lately, to sit and gaze at things when the weather is nice like it is today. Doors and windows flung open, I feel like a kid again ready to romp in leaves and dress up all scary like. If I come up with a costume, I'll send ya'll a pic.

Peace and love. Rock and roll. Keep the faith ^j^
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