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open letter to the candidates
Dear all ya'll,

It's me, the Poopster. Like a whole bunch of people in this country I'm intrigued with election season this time around. Unlike many, I haven't decided which way to vote in several races because, frankly, I'm waitin' for a sign. Prayerful voting is something that flies in the face of partisan politics but that's just the way I am. In case you might be interested in knowing what I think, here are some tips to help you quit pissing people off when all they want is the simple life. These are some of the things I look for when considering a candidate to represent me.

Healthcare Reform: A simple plan with reasonable deductibles. Don't worry about the drugs. Kroger and Wallyworld have that down to a fine art and you can't compete except on the high end stuff like chemo. Speaking of which, how about focusing more on home care and palliative meds for those who choose that route. Teach those docs how to intelligently assess a situation and provide compassionate realistic options. I know, I know. That doesn't help your company's bottom line but the payment is set by DRGs anyway so go with the flow and see what happens. You might be surprised.

Homeland Security: I'm not sure but I think I saw Osama BL up at the crackhouse hotel this afternoon. Seriously...enough with the international meddling already. Our country is so focused on fearing other nations that we have failed to take care of the locals. That is why local emergency response teams and services are so important and thankfully the ones here are well run. When the earthquake hits, I don't expect any kind of help from Washington. It will be the city and county governments who respond first, then our state folks. What I wish you feds would do is watch the airspace and borders a little bit closer and fund some of the local stuff so we don't have to wait on your asses like after Katrina.

Economy: Um, where do I begin? From where I sit, the trickle down looks mighty scary. How about we sell some of those CEO's boats and houses and divide up the cash. Granted, a lot of countries still have kings and such who live the high life while the poor people scrap for food, but I thought we were different. I thought we were Americans at heart and generous by nature. The barter system is lookin' better and better.

Education: That a middle class student can no longer afford to pay cash for tuition and has to owe the federal government the first ten years of his or her working life is both a blessing and a curse that I know first hand. Thank goodness mine was mostly paid for except for that last year when my parents had to borrow so I could graduate.

Energy: Our dependence on oil is an addiction that has been hard to shake but seems to be losing its' power as prices soar and alternative sources are explored. I don't want to tear down one more tree or drill one more oil well. What I want is the means to liver simpler and cleaner in order to preserve the environment for future generations.

I'll be back tomorrow with personal advice for each of you from Pecan Lane, USA.

Poopie Jane ^j^
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