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the progressive reunion

One of the cool things about planning a class reunion is that you get a chance to see people when they're around even if they don't make it for the official event. To be such an old gal, I sure am really blessed to have as many friends as I do strung out all over the country. I just had a beer on the porch with one from Arizona :) I've talked with another one almost every day for the past two weeks while he was burning up the highways of Tennessee. He, by the way, did NOT stop by for a porch visit. Your bad, dude.

The pap smear was N.O.R.M.A.L this time, praise be to Big Ernie. If I can manage one more in three months I'm off the hook for awhile with the gyno-lovefest. Sheesh, man. Never again will I complain about that little once a year inconvenience.

As far as I know, BG got the big fat document delivered on time today. Her internship with a social work/mental health team at a school begins in January. Yay BG. You are one stick with it kind of gal.

One more day and I'm on vacation.

Do I hear a WooHoo?
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