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spirit filled
A friend and I were talking about religion long distance today. He had just left church and well...so had I. He's camped out in the eastern part of the state doing what he does for a living. Some kind of gypsy mofo, I'm just sayin'. I'm not sure what he wore but I was all done up in shorts and sandals when I went to check on Daddy's little spell. He and Mama were sitting in the parlor surrounded by their medically inclined fellow church members waiting for a ride home. It made me think about things in a different way, ya know? Even if he did just get too hot in a woolen choir robe after the AC has been turned off for the season. Gotta hand it to him though....he always makes a joyful noise.

As promised I have personal advice for each of my the top four candidates about the state of our union. Take it or leave it....your choice.

Gov Palin....Quit trying to be so damn cute and talk to us straight. There's a good chance that McCain will croak and you'll be in charge. I'm sorry to be rude, but that scares the shit out of me.

Senator Obama....The healthcare thing interests me if for no other reason than it's my vocation. Explain it a little more clearly and do the sparring that making it happen requires. It's a basic human right and many of us oldsters are still working to have access to it.

Senator Biden....Enough with blaming Bush, already. We know how we got here. Tell us how to fix it. You've got the experience to do that.

Senator McCain....Bless your heart for what you went through back in 'Nam. If it matters at all, I protested that war just like I've protested the current one in my own quiet way. Okay, maybe I went barefoot and smoked some dope. But I never inhaled.

Over and out from Pecan Lane.

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