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they can kill you

.....but they can't eat you." That's what this nice bank lady said one time when I was having a nuclear meltdown over how I would ever manage to pay back the money that I borrowed from 'em. At that time, they were only one of about ten creditors who were circling like wolves in a sheep field to get their piece of the recently divorced Poops. It's been kind of a blur, but most of them are paid back, even if a little late. Except for the one credit card that took me to court over 1500 bucks. And added legal fees. I won't say who the issuer is but it starts with Capitol and ends with One. Nice job boys. Just couldn't wait your turn, huh?

Now my ex-satellite provider wants to charge me for 17 months of a contract I didn't even know I was in. Never mind that the whole reason I left them is because of their shady billing practices. Starts with a D and ends with a V. I'll pay you for the previous month and that's it. It's always something around here, ya know?

In brighter news, I'm on vacation and the weather is absolutely fantastically gorgeous. I get to see a bunch of old people like myself this weekend that I haven't seen in years and some that I see all the time. Doesn't get much better than that. Note to self: Call Charlie Sheen's buddy sometime tonight. BG is interviewing today for her internship. You go girl.

My friend "2 dogs" turned 39 on Wednesday and she celebrated for two days. Last night we all met at the kudzu and wished her well danced our butts off on the stage. It's a girlfriend/birthday thang ya'll. A couple of other dear friends have whispered that they'll be gettin' hitched pretty soon and there WILL be a big party. I reckon, redneck. Never thought I'd see the day :)

Over and out from scenic downtown Pecan Lane.

Keep the faith ^j^
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