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tis the season

Today was a day away from the sawmill but I ended up cruising by there anyway to get a flu shot. In my business, it's as routine as turning the clock back in the fall. Early voting action was brisk when I stopped by there to cast my ballot. We've had our first frost but it wasn't a killer and the afternoons warm up very nicely. My propane tank appreciates that.

Me and Yaya and the Redneck Friend were all together at the kudzu yesterday for the first time in ages. Each of us has our own lives going ninety mph but we do so love gettin' together to trade trash now and then. Hey...it's what friends do.

Reunion '08 is another memory except for the pictures and the bills. Note to committee for future reference: Do NOT schedule a reunion on the 4th Saturday in October ever again. It is a sacred day for UT fans even when they're losing.

In other news, the Mambo King is flying high at the prospect of going to St. Thomas next summer to be a beach bum. Who is he, you might ask? I'll tell ya later. I visited my Mom and Dad today and found them double teaming in the kitchen putting together a frozen salad. She was on the mixer and he was chopping bananas. Organized chaos, and I love every minute of it.

Ya'll watch out for flying brooms and goblins. And keep the faith. ^j^
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