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vacation state of mind
I just talked to Yaya and Huck down there on the beach and they're having a great time so far. I'm off for a few days so I'm trying to do that transitional thing from totally wired and stressed to going with the flow. One or two more and I'll be there just in time for flannel and TV with the dogs. Did I ever mention how extremely low maintenance I can be? It's a perk of bein' an older woman.

The billing system around Poops Inc. is way too complicated so I've bundled some stuff just to simply. One bill for four services..can't beat that with a stick. That will knock three lines off the budget to make room for the propane guy this winter very soon. Buy local, I say. This dude drives 20 miles to deliver gas to us and has done it in the dead of winter with me whimpering that I'm flat out. Gotta love that type of service.

Allergies have been horrendous around here this year. Even people who have never been bothered have been wailing about the misery of weeping eyes and snot filled sinuses. I figure it has something to do with all that toxic election rhetoric floatin' around our atmosphere. Thank Big E that'll soon be over. If I hear the word "maverick" one more time, I swear I'm gonna choke Joe the Plumber and kick somebody's ass.

Over and out kids. See you on the flip side of vacation '08.

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