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a walk in the woods ( without bill bryson)
A cool front passed through yesterday afternoon and I was right out there in the middle of it romping through the woods with the dogs like a kid. We went across the road to one of our secret spots where the breeze ripples the water in the riverbed. Above the water, there is a big hill with huge ancient trees keeping watch. Little dirt paths strewn with leaves wind in and around and up that hill which overlooks the field where the dove hunt was on Labor Day. All three canines went for a dip while I sat and marveled at the peace and quiet, captivated by nature. I paid for the outing today in the form of a huge allergy attack, but it was worth it. I am SUCH a tree hugger.

You know how you sit around at work sometimes and shoot the shit bull about anything and everything? Yesterday, one of our male co-workers and I were talking about the candidates and he offered up this endorsement of Sarah Palin. "She's HOT!" he gushed. "She can be my commander-in-chief anytime." Lord, give us strength. Last week another gal got in on the discussion to defend McCain's almost decision to skip the debate so he could rush to Washington and save the day from our financial tsunami. "He HAD to go...you know? He's the Vice President!" And she was serious as a heart attack. Tell me Cheney ain't forgettable, ya'll.

What tickles me is all the different names the media has come up with to describe this clusterf**k with the investment bankers. Somebody earns a good living coming up with new ways to describe what we all knew was coming to make it sound a little bit more like a disaster to be feared worse than the plague. Once again, I stick with the reasoning of the Harvard guy. Let 'em go bankrupt and get bought by whomever has money tucked under the mattress to buy their Wall Street asses. Then, make them clean the toilet with a toothbrush to pay the losses back to stockholders. No, I do not have PMS. I'm just tired of all the crap.

It's hump day ya'll. Let's slide on into the weekend because I just happen to be off.

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