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you don't scare me
My friend Muffyn gave me a t-shirt several years ago to wear on Halloween. It's imprinted with that phrase, and I still wear it to sleep in, minus the sleeves. I've got one from work too that says "We Are Impressive", also a sleeveless model. Hell yes, we are. As a country we are beginning to see that less is more unless we happen to be absolutely spoiled rotten and then..well then. We're pissed off.

My friends and I talk a lot about politics and faith. Sometimes we disagree and other times it's a brawl, according to who's got the most impressive yet believable life story. In 2004 I was one of those who voted not for Kerry, but against Bush. Even though a great number of Americans did the same and it was a close race, Dubya got back in the oval office long enough for one girl to get married on our dime.

Pundits say that we should look ahead, and never back because..hey. The past is the past, right? Unless we're talkin' prophets..and a lot of 'em are false, we are to believe that the sky is falling 'cuz some banks have failed. I know for a fact that a lot of rich people are nervous. I am too, and not because I have a lot of assets to lose. I live on a farm that has been family owned for a hundred years or more. I've seen the seasons change from my house enough times to know that whatever today looks like, a cold front or tropical depression can change all of that in a heartbeat.

I'm not scared though. I reckon that's the faithful part of me.

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