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It's never been my strong suit, putting things in boxes and files and generating reports. Lord knows I try to be prepared but when push comes to shove, I can't find whatever it was that I bought at the dollar store to make things work around here. It's too much house for one smartass woman, even if she is determined to stay close to home.

Truth be told? My reasons for being here on the hill to this day live about a mile down the road at the old homeplace. They are aging quickly and need attention of the poops and bubba variety on a regular basis. We are partners of sorts, in this virtual hospice experience. It's what kids do when they've been raised up right.

Today's Grace

1. Not one inkling of regret for not lining up at the supermegastore this morning to buy cheap Chinese made goods. Buy American, by gawd.

2. JRD

3. Eva Cassidy

4. Steady pace at the sawmill but nothing we couldn't manage to handle even on a short staffed day.

5. The Butterbean Grin :)

Goodnight my friends ^j^
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