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going nuts
I lost my keys earlier in the week, which is not at all an unusal thing for me to do. However, I always find them and this time I haven't. The way I figure it, one of two things happened. Lily the cat loves to push things off of tables just to watch them drop and then she jumps down and plays with whatever it is until she pushes it up under the furniture. I've looked under every stick of furniture in this house and under every cushion. Nada. The most likely explanation is that they fell out of my pocket when I was down on my hands and knees picking up pecans. I'll probably find 'em when I mow the yard next spring. Nice little hardware store guy hooked me up with some new ones for four bucks.

Went up to the kudzu yesterday evening to visit with Yaya and hear the house band. These folks can rock...I'm just saying. Of course Beverly could make anything sound good with that killer voice of hers.

I'll be at the sawmill this weekend so ya'll don't party too hard without me. Things look pretty busy from here to next year, as they always do around the holidays. I'm in charge of dressing, asparagus and deviled eggs for Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's house. I'm not near as organized as my friend Kay who ALWAYS has her dishes in the freezer by halloween, but I do have the cornbread made. The menu for Mom's birthday luncheon included quiche lorraine, baked pineapple, asparagus rollups and baby carrots. A good time was had by all four of us and we are still stuffed today.

The woods close to the main road look like a tornado has ripped through them but my brother explains that it is the "green" way to cut timber taking out only the tops of selected trees allowing for re-growth. Imagine that. What a helluva conservationist!

I will leave you with this touching holiday greeting that was sent to me by my good friend Chucky. " If the Natives had given the Pilgrim Fathers a donkey instead of a turkey we would all be having a piece of ass for Thanksgiving."

Over and out from Pecan Lane. Keep the faith ^j^
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