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long time no rant
Like many of you fellow Americans, I'm watching to see what Congress does with this whole bailout deal concerning the big three American automakers. My inner conspiracy theorist can't help but think that the plummet in gas prices is just a big tease to get us to buy into their ploy to keep on keepin' on with the status quo. Sorry dudes...I won't ever forget the time when my Babygirl was working the graveyard shift to buy gas for a sub-sub compact vehicle just to commute to school an hour away. Which was precisely when I was dividing the gas in the can between the mower and the Toyota. Some things you just don't get past us without harboring a tad of bitterness toward ginormous corporations, et al. What kind of idiot has the gonads to fly on a private jet to Washington asking for free money from us taxpayers? Don't EVEN get me started, or we'll have another Boston Tea Party.

The Dubya administration will most likely show up in the history books a few years from now as the black hole that almost devoured our country, one Republican asshat at a time. The high points? Bill Frist and Terri Schiavo. Junior and his entourage driving smooth past Cindy Sheehan and friends refusing to discuss her grief. Katrina and her aftermath. All of these were knee jerk reactions that insulted the intelligence of the American people by daring to claim that we either didn't know better or couldn't do better for citizens of our nation.

I have a confession to make, and it ain't pretty but it's pure Poops. In the days following the WTC bombing on 9/11 a little piece of me understood the anger toward western ways. I was shocked beyond belief, but I could see the logic of those who can't begin to know what we're about beyond Wall Street and Britney Spears. Generations of folks over there have been inbred with hate for our self indulgence and we bought into it like good little consumers with easy credit at our fingertips. I lived it and survived. So will the big 3.

The way I look at it is this. When life gives you leftovers, make soup. There's a pot on my stove right now begging to be shared with the world. All you need is some cornbread or crackers ^j^
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