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lost in space as a goose
Okay then. Today is my friend and Yaya's boyfriend Doug's 60th birthday and she cooked up a surprise party for him. The plan was for all of us to show up at the Harris house way out in bumfuck the Lenox hills around 5:30 which is pitch black at this time of year. I headed out, confident that I knew which road it was on so how hard could it be to find a number? I overestimated my directionally challenged self by a longshot. After two phone calls from the center of Lenox ( which consists of the Baptist church ) to another friend to get help and 45 minutes of driving the dark backroads and dodging gullies I gave it up and headed for home. Maybe Santa will bring me a GPS so I can get where I'm trying to go *sigh* Sometimes I think old Poops needs a keeper. I even put on makeup and everything! Happy birthday Douglas. Only 52 more days until Dubya's last day :)

Holiday lights are already twinkling all over the 'burg so I'm behind, as usual. Procrastination, thy name is Janie. I tend to do things when the spirit moves rather than by the calendar. Besides, when you put up a live tree you have to wait until a bit closer to Christmas so you don't burn the old house down, chimney and all.

A visit from an old friend has inspired me to work on my organizational skills so that I can find stuff when I need it, which is no small task around here. Dude even hooked me up with a redneck dryer handle to replace the broken off plastic one. Low maintenance? You bet your sweet ass.
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