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Okay, then. The weekend is finally here and that sucker is MINE. I'm kickin' it off with music, beer and cleaning up the hogpen crib. Rain is at the back door. Dogs are on the couch. All is well in my little world and I am free to reflect on the capricious nature of the past two weeks of life. All I can say is thank you to Big Ernie for faith that kicks in at just the right moment.

The great DirecTV robbery remains under investigation with no resolution thus far. Doesn't look much like anybody will get a diamond ring or new car for Christmas, if you know what I mean. However, there are pecans aplenty to be picked up, cracked, cleaned and roasted. Iron skillet #2 of cornbread is in the oven in preparation for our upcoming Thanksgiving feast, Stafford style.

This has been an interesting week at the sawmill for me, personally, as I have had a vested interested in two particular patients outside of the usual realm of quality patient care. Both of them are tough old birds with a fierce will to live. Ms. Betty had a very serious operation last week but did well and hopefully went home today. Her oldest son is an old high school friend with whom I chat occasionally when he's in the mood to share, which ain't often. Usually he's wired like a NASCAR driver on crack.

The prognosis looked quite grim for my best friend Sisa's pop as he headed into surgery to stop the bleeding from a big fat honking bladder tumor. A COPD patient, he couldn't be put to sleep so the plan was to get up in there under epidural and see what could be done. Plan A didn't work and they had to knock him out and entubate. Wonder of wonders, the tube came out yesterday and he's doing fine. Tell me Big Ernie ain't good ya'll. There is a plan and all we have to do is show up. Really.

We almost had two new critters this week but it wasn't meant to be. Bubba called the other day asking if I had the time to bottle feed a calf if he made it through the night. My first thought was WTF but the idea grew on me and Babygirl was excited at the prospect too. Poor thing didn't live so I imagine he's down in the cattle graveyard. Mama cow will be burger come spring because there was no milk. Such is life on the farm.

Cousins Debbie and Ronnie (aka sexy) live in Kentucky and love animals about like we do. They had this young beagle named Barney that needed a place romp and play so they were going to pass him on to me because I have a weakness for that breed, so to speak. Goes back to my childhood trauma of seeing my favorite pet Nosey get run over while I was playing in the ditch in front of the house. Anyways, Barney didn't make it either. Dude dug out of his pen and ran right smack out in front of a truck on Highway 95. *sigh* He's up there in doggie heaven with Nosey I reckon.

More later from Pecan Lane. Keep the faith ^j^
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