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pecan eatin' dogs and twin calves

Oh my...what an eventful weekend it has been on the farm. It is calving season and Bubba comes out a couple of times a day to check the herd and see who has given birth so he can tag 'em and match up baby with Mama. Yesterday I did a ridealong with him in the old blue Chevy truck. We meandered through pastures and gaps and found one calf who had just been born! Mama hadn't even cleaned up the mess yet, so we kept our distance after he got it tagged. The twins were born earlier in the week....a rarity that I suppose you could call bonus meat. One of them is feeding with the mother and the other has been adopted by another cow. It's funny how nature works like that.

Pecans are starting to fall on a regular basis when the wind and rain blow through to nudge them out of the hull. Looks like a good year, which is a fortunate thing since all three dogs like to eat 'em shell and all. I've got a couple of those picker-upper thingies but do my best work down on my hands and knees once the leaves are raked away. Five gallon buckets will ride in the back seat of the trusty old Camry from now through December to collect the manna on trips back and forth to town. It's cold work but something I can't bear to pass up. When Big Ernie sees fit to drop you a gift, you pick it up.

I'm going to consult an attorney about the great DirecTV robbery and see if I have a prayer in my complaint against the thievin' bastards. I sincerely hope that their CEO chokes on my hard earned five hundred bucks while he's out with a call girl on a tropical island. No..wait. I hope he gets an STD! Something really nasty like herpes would be fitting.

I've often wondered why in the name of all that is holy that ANYBODY would want to be president. Most of 'em are millionaires before they ever get there so it's not about the money. In the case of Obama, he and Biden have inherited a huge clusterfuck of a mess in this country with economic woes out the wazoo and consumer confidence at an all time low. Yes we can? I certainly hope so.

Over and out. Ya'll have a good week. If you're really good Santa might bring you some pecans from the lane.

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