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third time's charm
It seems that Faith doesn't like smelling good because she just got her third bath in three days to wash off the stinky smell that she insists on rolling all over. Poor thing tried to crawl up in the cabinet under the bathroom sink to get away from me but it didn't work. I'm bigger than her. And a whole bunch more ornery.

The daily ritual now includes bending and stooping to pick up pecans and sort 'em by size into the buckets riding the back seat of the trusty old Camry with three hubcaps, one tail light and three door handles. She's never very clean anyway, but this time of year there's leaves and dirt all over the interior to accentuate the various and sundry stains and bits of trash. As a bonus, it turns out that bending my fat ass over and bringing it back upright doing legsquats is good exercise. Let's just say that I'm feeling the burn.

My beloved and funny as hell mother turns 75 on Thursday and I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something special that doesn't cost a lot. So I said to myself "Self...she would love your company." I'm off that day so I plan to cook a few things out of her world famous cookbook and surprise her with a luncheon that includes her younger sister. Maybe we can pass the time and catch up on some happenings from the past and present. We've had two new grandbabies hatched already this year with another one in the oven due around Christmas. Yeah...seems like the family is expanding somewhat. I hope they don't all expect a present because I'm broke, thanks to DirecTV ahd Dubya.

Things were hopping at the sawmill today because "you know who" was seeing patients in the ER and ordering everything he was big enough to. That's a story for another day, and one that repeats itself all over the country when docs try to cover their butts instead of using the old thinking cap and doing a differential diagnosis. This ain't my first rodeo...or even my tenth. Wonder of wonders! Sisa's pop survived the surgery, got off of the vent and was sittin' up in his bed reading the paper today. There ain't much in that rag of interest, but he's been in the ozone for a few days so it was all news to him, bless his heart. By the way...Obama is still president-elect, Pop.

Hmmm...what else? Maybe more.

Later ^j^
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