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the virtue of consistency
Being the faithful one that I am, I've never much thought about that particular character trait as something that others are attracted to but it seems to be so with my friends and loved ones. Good old reliable Poopie, bless her heart. Surely there will be mucho manna in heaven.

Occasionally the traveler gets weary and just wants to have the manna right damn now served up as a special treat just because. Sort of a good samaritan story with a personal twist. I've had plenty of these, and so have you if you stop to think about it. Trouble is, we're just too busy being fabulous to remember. Today has been that kind of day for me. Thanksgiving is a celebration of friends and family that lends itself to reflection about all things good, even when all things evil rage around us.

The last pecan season that my youngest brother was here, he climbed up into my favorite tree and shook the branches like a kid so that the nuts would rain down around me before it got terribly cold. My dumbass tried that today but I couldn't climb high enough to do much good. I'd hate to have to call 911 from the ditch to come haul me out. I was scared of falling, to be honest. I think I'll just let nature take its' course.

There's a metaphor there with me and love. I tried to explain this to a buddy today over the phone but I don't think he got it. Men are funny like that in their simplicity. No big thing, right? Girls are complicated sometimes so just deal with it. The good ones are worth the effort.

Grace, day 3

1. A purring content cat on my lap.

2. Turkey sandwich on wheat with mayo.

3. The redneck comedy tour, most especially Larry the Cable Guy.

4. Advent wreath.

5. Trapp's Sexy Cinnamon...YUM.
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