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all i want for christmas
...is to have the tree up before New Year's Eve. Seriously, I am that far behind on gettin' the sugarplum dance going on around here. My poor babygirl came home with a two foot tall fake tree from the dollar store last night just to remind me that I've been way too busy stalking pecan trees and ignoring my duties as the creator of holiday cheer. "Two weeks!" she exclaimed. I want to see some damn lights shining in the darkness on my way home. You see, the problem is that the maid is on vacation we've been so busy that the house is a total wreck and we just can't stand to deck the halls over the dirt. We're funny like that, even though we sleep with dogs and cats.

The lack of a tree makes the absence of gifts much less bearable though I do have one with MY name on it waiting for a place to rest. All of that will come after this week's payday unless our respective employers decide to bailout before then. If they do? Hmm..Santa will surely do the switches and ashes thing to them, if there is a speck of justice in this universe.

Up at the sawmill, there's a fierce competition in the works between departments in the decorating and parade contests. Never fear, there will be pictures and our theme is top secret.

We've had a freakin' MONSOON around here last night and today with high winds and heavy rain. Needless to say, Mama and Daddy were up all night due to the excessive noise of those stubborn pecans giving up the ghost and smacking their tin roof like little bombs. Me? I slept like a baby with Faith and Sam. Soon as it dries out a bit, I'll be bending, stooping and scooping again. In between trips to the Dollar General, of course.

And lastly, to those of you who have it all under control with the fire burning warmly and all the trappings of the glorious holiday season in place I have just one thing to say.

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