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cookin' with gas
Monday is about the only day that I'm allowed to make noise due to Babygirl's sleeping schedule so I've been doing kitchen duty this evening. Tomorrow afternoon is our office Christmas party. As we all have known for a few years and the experts confirmed for us just today, we are in a recession so we have decided to forego the luxury of a bought honeyglazed ham this year. Instead, one is baking in my oven as.I.type for 1/3 of the purchase price of one of those fancy schmancy ones. Well, I guess you have to tack on the cost of my propane. I'm also in charge of wine, though I can't imagine why anyone would put a beer kinda' gal on that. White zin all around, I say. It goes well with my world famous spinach dish.

Just talked with Yaya and she is headed to the Christmas parade with grandson Huck in tow. I remember the last time I was forced into that deal attended it as one of the high points of Babygirl's life, right along with the last obligatory trip to the county fair and trick-or-treating. Sometimes, moms just want to have fun or take nap instead of showing up at the appointed hour to pick up a child a pack of kids from an oh so important social function.

We were treated to snow showers today in the 'burg and I had forgotten how pretty it can be when the temp is just right so as not to make it a driving hazard. Sorry, no pics. It was what we optimists call serendipity.

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