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Back in my early blogging days, there was this guy in Dallas who moved to Colorado and that was his blog persona...FTS. I had forgotten about him until I started thinking about Epiphany and all of the star following that is a part of the days between Christmas and the time that the wise guys finally got to where they were going. It's only twelve on the calendar....in all likelihood it was months or years before they caught up to baby Jesus. I never knew there was such a chunk of time in the year of the Christian church until I heard a sermon preached on it one Sunday night in the chapel of the place that raised me up right. Ever since then, Epiphany has been as much a part of my holiday season as Advent.

I had a slow day at the sawmill on Christmas, with home cooked breakfast from the fam delivered to the doorstep right in time for lunch. I hooked up with them after work and we exchanged gifts and visited a bit. Totally laid back and unorganized, which is my style. Mom and Daddy went to church on Christmas Eve to witness the parade of miniature Marys, Josephs and assorted other nativity characters head toward the altar prior to communion. I am still picking up pecans from under their trees, by the way. Maybe the profit will offset the thieving ways of DirecTV. No...I haven't forgotten, ya'll. My attorney will be in touch.

My sole involvement in the big wedding this weekend has been talking my friend Claudia from Knoxville and back through the boring part of I-40 between Jackson and Nashville. She's counting the miles until she gets back to her little buddy Kyle. Meanwhile the crack head roaddog is over in Chattanooga having a beer with Peggy. What a small state this is!

Miss Kitty seems to have turned a corner, though I'm not a vet or anything. She eats now and talks and purrs, but doesn't like to drink much and still walks in circles around the house. BG and BF have nicknamed her "Circle K." She's got a long way to go before she can laze on Daddy's porch and eat dry cat food, I'm just saying. Looks like I've got another mouth to feed. *yay*

It has been a splendid day with a bit of a chill but nothing like what we've already seen this month. Yesterday? Hmmm...around 72ish. It was kind of eerie crawling around on hands and knees picking up nuts with a warm wind whipping the old hairdo right straight up into the air. The extended forecast looks good for a wrap on Pecan Season '08 over the next few days.

Two days to work, then three to play.

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