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meeting grace
Against all odds, I made to to Alli's bridal shower today. It's a long story about twists of fate and Murphy's law so I won't bore you with it. Her future mother, grandmother and aunt in-laws were all there. Her girlfriend Jill did the honor or writing stuff down for posterity. That girl's got her Daddy's eyes, no doubt.

Otherwise, it's the same old pecan season thing....bend, stoop and scoop. Daddy says that commercial pecan growers have these tractors and put a big old bag up around the tree and then shake the nuts down outta' those stubborn upper limbs. We ain't that high tech yet, but maybe someday when I'm too old to make the effort and Sugardaddy buys the hardware.

Tried to burn the asparagus bones yesterday but it was a bit windy and damp. Maybe I won't catch the pasture on fire this year, huh Deb? Johnboy had intended to go tree hunting in the woods today but got caught up in all of our drama. By the time we got done, it was dark. Maybe sometime later in the week.

I'm outta here. Ya'll keep the faith ^j^
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