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miss kitty
For any of ya'll who don't believe in Christmas miracles, let me tell you about how that beautiful cat up there came to my house.

Yaya loves animals like I do...it's a firm plank in our friendship platform. A few weeks ago she was heading out to work and spotted something on the side of the busy highway that leads to town. Soon she realized it was a cat in distress so she stopped to check things out. This poor baby was so cold that several hours later the vet couldn't get her to register a temp until she was warmed up by them. Yaya told me about it, adding that she was late to work because of taking the time to stop and pick her up. Miss Kitty spent several hours in her office before she made it to the vet. She and one of her co-workers vowed to split the cost of saving her or puttin' her down, whichever seemed best.

Mama and Daddy adopted a tomcat earlier this year when he wandered into the bushes next to the house. They fed him on the porch and he knew where to get not hungry. But, toms will be toms and he went off chasing tail like they do so the porch was empty again. I don't think he ever had a name, but they sure did miss him. Earlier today I was down there introducing Miss Kitty to them who will be theirs when she's recovered from her hard times. We were thinking of a name, and Gunsmoke was blaring on the TV while she snuggled in Mama's lap. The rest? Is history.

Miss Kitty has a long road to recovery. She is presently walking crop circles through all the rooms in the house doing physical therapy. She slides sideways and flops over sometimes. That's when the door facing comes in handy :)

Peace and love to you and yours.

Keep the faith ^j^
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