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New Year's Eve finds me at home with the critters deep cleaning the house because, frankly, I can't stand it anymore. I'm not a neat freak or anything but I do like to be able to find something when I need it. Like the remote, for instance. I couldn't find it for three whole days until I dug down to the bottom of the dirty clothes laying in front of the washer. Don't ask me...I guess it was in the sheets!

This just about sums up the last six weeks of my life, living and breathing pecan season '08 up close and personal. I've taken three loads down to these folks to sell and made some pocket money. I'm also in much better shape physically than I was in October. Free money and good exercise. Can't beat that with a stick. I sat in a line of cars ten deep waiting to unload in the back today and finally pulled out and got a handtruck to haul them through the front door. Some nice fellow got out of his car and helped me get 'em stacked so they would travel. His mama told him to :)

Remember how I caught the pasture on fire a few years ago while burning off the asparagus bed? Well, Daddy did the same thing to his YARD yesterday while burning some boxes. Back in the day country folks did that on purpose so it would come back all green and even in the spring. We shall see if that holds true!

I had several invitations to attend get togethers this evening and it looks like I'm gonna pass on all of them. It just feels so good to have time to burn and be at home. Do ya'll know what I mean? I reckon I'll blow a kiss to Ryan Seacrest at midnight if I'm still awake.

The new year will be a big one for us. BG will graduate in May and things will change a lot then. We have been soldiers in the same tent through this ordeal and it will be bittersweet when it is over. Already, we are becoming fondly used to the lightening of the load afforded by her quitting the 3rd shift job. She can sleep at night and I can make noise when I want to. Win, win situation.

I wish for you and yours, all of the best that life has to offer in 2009. There will be pain and tragedy as well, but friendship makes it all bearable and turns bad things into blessings.

Keep the faith ^j^
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