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taking the high road

I think I mentioned that the competition was "take no prisoners" up at the sawmill for decorating departments and parade floats. I use the term parade loosely because it seems there was a traffic jam when it came time to change floors. The employees loved it....the patients were nicely surprised. I have seen team work going on inside of our ranks where I never thought it possible just because of things like this. After the sale, we all kind of gave up the ghost and soldiered on through a long tough transition. Let's hear it for those who play just for the fun of it without expecting to win.

I am officially on Christmas vacation which lasts until Thursday at 6AM. If I get up at the usual time I just might catch the big fat ass red guy crawling out the door. Just for Hoss' sake, I hope that he doesn't show any buttcrack. My kitchen table is covered with prints and mats and frames and I am more content with that than any sort of vacation destination. My family is close by and the ice has stopped pelting us. All is well^j^
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