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It has been a circle of life kind of week for me personally, with all of the accompanying emotions. I managed to sneak away from the sawmill long enough to visit Sisa before her Pop's funeral. Guess who I ran into? Um hmm...my own parents :) We had a group hug and cried. As I exited the parlor, I passed by Pop's casket and stopped to salute a fallen soldier. Rest in peace and tell jokes like you never told before.

The last funeral I went to where there was a flag draped over the casket was George's way back in February. His death was sudden, totally unexpected and more than likely due to negligence. As a healthcare provider I am slow to place blame on the medical community, but this was a full blown case of a man lost in the system. A very young man with a lot of golf left to play. His widow Sue and I are good friends from inside of work and out and this has already been a tough holiday season for her and their family. We have faith, together, that closure is around the bend.

My friend the crackhead roaddog of I-40 told me the other day that he didn't "like" funerals. What I really think he was saying is that he's afraid of death, but I could be reading between the lines. My ex always did say I'd try to f***ing analyze people. He said it in such a way that it wasn't taken as a compliment to my analytical skills.

Cousin Deb's second grandchild was on the way this morning when she called me at work. This has been the year for procreation in this family, I'm just saying. We haven't seen a growth spurt like this in decades!

One.more.day at the sawmill. Just like the little engine who could.

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