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the big chill thaw

To all you folks who live in Minnesota and do that freezing thing for three months, bless ya'lls hearts. We only had three days of it and managed to use every last vapor of propane that remained in the tank. Never fear, though. BG's boyscout friend hauled a kerosene heater out of the basement and fired it up, complete with a pan of water on top. Today it is warm enough to cook on the grill outside, so that is what's happening as we speak.

This has been a most excellent weekend for me. Sleep, long and hard. Piddle 'n play. Try to get my shit together a bit. I haven't visited the people who live in my computer for a long long time and that's okay because the shoulder is less painful. The better to tap out lab results for healthcare clients, no?

No matter what your political affiliation, this week promises to be a milestone in American history. To all of you who can't go with the flow, I say "Deal with it." There are so many great things about this country and its' citizens that I get literally sick listening to partisan bickering and the lack of concern for who we are as individuals.

Have a great week....and keep the faith ^j^
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