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faith goes bar hopping

If you've been a reader here for any length of time you have read of the multiple adventures that my chocolate lab Faith has experienced. I've bailed her out of the humane society three times at fifty bucks a shot and picked her up at various locations around the county where kind folks pick her up and call the vet's office for my number. Most of the time when she feels the wanderlust, she ends up at the UPS hub across the highway. I guess that got boring because today's call came from the nearby biker bar.

Road Hawg Saloon sits across the by-pass from the road to my house and opened in October of last year. I went by on opening night and didn't see anybody I knew so I moved on down the road toward home. Today was my first visit since then when I went to fetch my pretty girl from inside. Her keeper was a lovely young lady named Lindsay wearing her leather chaps and tending to the quiet that is a bar at noon. She showed me around and I was impressed with the progress...looks very nice. The sign out front advertises BABES!BIKES!BEER!and she is sure a babe to take care of Faith on her latest excursion. A big shout out to the owner too, for bringing her in from the freezing rain and sleet. That fellow gets a pecan pie.

It is cold and wet and I'm in for the day. Life is good.

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