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friday already?

Is it just me or has this been a mighty loooooong week? Many of my co-workers still have no power and the weariness shows in their eyes. According to bosslady's hubby who looks at these things, Missouri and Kentucky are a freakin' trainwreck. Thanks to the swift deposit of my income tax refund, there will be propane at our house this weekend. For the first time in two weeks! Staying warm isn't a problem...me not being able to play in the kitchen is a BIG one.

I splurged today on a tens unit for my aching shoulder. It's time to get it taken care of before the carpal tunnel thingy gets any worse. If I can't type, I can't work. And well...ya'll know. You gotta work.

My plans were to go see my favorite local rock band up the road tonight, but I'm already thinking that flannel and dogs sounds mighty good. My lazy twin will probably kick the wannabe party girl's fat ass.

Ya'll keep the faith.

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