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hunker down
There's a big fat honkin' ice storm headed our way so all the 'burgers are scurrying around to get bread and milk and pizza rolls for the kids who won't go to school tomorrow. Back in the day, I'd have to round up daycare for BG when that happened...usually her MeMaw and G'daddy would keep her. Usually there wasn't enough slippery stuff to make a difference except on county roads but will buses running, everybody got a snow day.

After sleeping in this morning, I went down to visit Mom and found Bubba there firing up the generator for a test "just in case." After he left she and I talked about this and that sharing a few laughs and some tears. My cellphone rang and I answered to a sweet little voice that I recognized telling me that my bank had received a credit to my account for the great DTV robbery. Three.months.later. Knowing the thieving ways of DirecTV, I'm sure they didn't pitch in. Whoever saw fit to give a poor girl a break is truly appreciated. Thank you bank ladies!

This weekend at the sawmill was one of those where I found myself shaking my head and asking "WTF am I doing here?" I'll spare you the details. Just know that today off and some beer will cure all until tomorrow rolls around. A big shout out to my backup in Memphis who cheerily took the early morning crisis call.

The one sure way to ward off bad weather is to be prepared so I stopped off at the store to get a box for my windshield and some de-icer. Ha...take that, winter!! The horse is fed, the sun is out and I'm kozy with kerosene.

Must be the calm BEFORE.

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