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i am an american
Hopefully today was the last round of the great Bush vs Obama debate up at the sawmill. A mere three of us have dared over the years to question the legitimacy of Bush's decisions. For that, our patrotism has been questioned and our mamas' lineage made light of. One friend, who is a real Bushie, told me today that she can't help it...she "still thinks he's a nice man." I told her that I didn't blame him personally for all that has happened, though a lot of people have. I just believe that he went into the whole thing naiive as a schoolgirl and was counseled on some serious issues by those with everything to gain. And it wasn't we the people. Hey, it happens in real life too.

Senator Obama may find himself in that situation as well. Hopefully, he will be wise enough to see through those situations and do what is right for all Americans.....black, white, hispanic and every other citizen of the country that he leads. It is a serious responsibility to guide a country as complex as ours in this day and time. Division of the people who live here based on racial or partisan lines will do nothing but hurt us all in the long run. I did not vote for Obama, but I will support him until he gives me reason not to. I'm kind of Pollyanna like that.

If you will remember back over the years, the whole financial mess started wayyyyyyyy before Dubya stepped foot into the White House. A trade deficeit with China has been chasing us like a hungry wolf and damaged the infrastructure of industry in the US. We grabbed onto the easy credit back in the day and are surprised that the whole house of cards falls.

One of the most intelligent things that I've heard spoken came from Arianna Huffington on TV today. She embraced the ideal of having a strong grandmotherly presence in the White House as a model for the rest of us to bond as families, something that has gone by the wayside in our hurry hurry atmosphere and long distances. As a strong proponent of hospice care, I can tell you there was no shortage before the 1950s of loving caring folk to heal the sick and minister to the dying. Everybody lived together. They dealt with it.

I hate pollution and global warming ( yes, i believe it's real ) I abhor industrial waste that is killing the natural gifts that are our rivers and wildlife. And I cringe at the thought of a CEO of ANY big corporation making enough money to cure cancer. I believe that insurance companies have each and every one of by the gonads and won't let go until forced by someone in authority. The healthcare industry in this country is fractured and inefficient, mainly because so much of it is focused on the almighty dollar. There's got to be a better way to manage distribution of such a basic human right.

Peace out ya'll ^j^
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