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like a rock

My left shoulder, that is. It has been a huge mass of balled up muscle lesions off and on since I was in my twenties. When the stress of life gets really out of control, it kinda hurts. Like a LOT. Physical therapy usually does the trick, but that ain't in the budget. Neither is a massage. Just my typical poopie luck.

I catch myself in a race many days, putting out fires at home and at work with little thought to how that adrenaline is zapping my body. Hey...it keeps me going, okay? I spend all day at a computer screen only to face one at night just to keep me company. Well, it used to be that way. A couple of months ago I moved it from my bedroom to the dining room so that BG and I can share and not wake the mom up on precious days off. It was the best thing I ever did. Out of sight and out of mind. Now I've got the TV all up in there :)

Until that tingling in the left hand stops? It's time to take a break from the keyboard. I'll keep you posted.


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