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magical jolts
I wore a tens unit on my shoulders for eight hours on Tuesday at full throttle, if that tells you anything about how tied up in a knot I was. Yesterday I was a bit sore. Today I feel like I've been beat about the head and shoulders. But it's RELAXED! Maybe that will hold me 'til I can get a massage.

Off yesterday and today, I've been piddling and cleaning and doing whatever I feel like doing and it's absolutely the most heavenly feeling. Things have warmed up a bit so the doors are open, airing out the kerosene fumes from the deep freeze days. There are STILL people coming out on the lane to pick up pecans. That..is unheard of in January. Usually by this time the squirrels and crows have picked off whatever was left.

My mom has macular degeneration and doesn't see well. The state has an agency that serves the blind and helps them with cool toys for the sight impaired. Her latest buy was a big button phone with memory on it. I sat in the floor with she and Daddy yesterday reading the instructions on how to store numbers while they shouted them out to me from cell phones and paper scraps. I guess you had to be there, but it was freakin' hilarious! Daddy said the guy who shoots crows would be around soon to get rid of their ornery birdie butts.

Miss Kitty, the "special" one, is still circling. When I first stated feeding her I gave her the good stuff...canned Nine Lives. Then BG got some four for a buck kind at the dollar store. When we ran out of that, I gave her the gourmet treat again and she wouldn't eat! Seems her delicate taste buds prefer the cheap stuff. Whatever works, I say.

I haven't been around to visit, and that must change! Expect me to come calling in the near future.

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