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the new normal

It's odd how it hit me with a ton of bricks yesterday how much I've missed having a roommate with hours that complement mine. For three years now it's been tippy toe land around here while my BG tried to catch a nap between work and school. Her internship is day!!! shift at a local elementary school and she already loves it, week one not complete. We actually met each other in the kitchen this morning for toast and chat. The noisy hairdryer buzzes in the morning instead of after I've gone to bed with the dogs. Sweet.

Bubba and I went riding in Daddy's truck yesterday to check on the cows before the cold hit today. They were still running around playing like kids in the ditches then. I imagine they're hunkering down right about now, snuggling up to mama cow's rump away from the wind. Old Mr. Bull gets out to play amongst them in about a week so he's getting kind of impatient. Especially when I took his picture and didn't put anything in the trough.

I'm off for three...the shoulder is still tight and painful. Ya'll grab something warm and hang on. This too shall pass.

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