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old groupies never die

...they just get their fat asses up and out of the flannel and go listen to some fine ass rock music. It was sort of a private concert for the Poops since NOT ONE other fan was there to watch. There were folks at the bar hittin' on each other but nobody to appreciate the talent. That's okay....it was fun for me and that's what I'm all about.

I met the drummer and bass player several years ago when they opened for Jimi Jamison at the late great Midnight Rodeo while Bubba was there. The other members are different and only add to the great mix of classic rock jamming. While a lot of folks were shaking their asses to AC/DC down in Memphis, I sat there and chair danced. Thanks a bunch Cruzer!

The sun is out and it's above 40. Life is definitely looking up.

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