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strike one
Driving to work this morning was like fairyland as the giant pecan trees draped themselves in ice. The back porch and windshield had to be de-iced but it was a safe drive in the rain to the sawmill and various destinations afterwards. One of those was to the OB/GYN for another dang PAP smear. Let's get this thing over with. If this one's not normal, it's time for the big H. I mean, it's not like I'm gonna have more kids or anything *snort* Did ya'll see those proud doctors out in California when that gal had EIGHT babies? Lordhavemercy and bless her heart. And amen, too.

Anyways, back at the ranch stirrups, we've discussed that since I had a LEAP that no endocervical cells had been noted by the pathologist, meaning that after the procedure the cervical juncture changed. While the specimens are adequate, they don't really represent the "big picture". I can bet you a million bucks dude got there today. I thought I was gonna cry for mommy. And guess what? I lost eleven pounds and didn't do anything different except pick up a thousand pounds of pecans. Ain't life grand? Sometimes I truly understand why my boss won't go.

Tomorrow morning promises to be not quite as lucky as this one, I'm afraid. I've already lined up a ride with my brother because frankly, if I'm gonna die on the road it might as well be with him ^j^

Ya'll go get some rock salt, right now. Tell 'em Poopie sent ya.
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