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strike two
It took approximately thirty minutes to uncover the Camry this morning and thirty minutes to make the ten minute drive. Not bad considering I had power and many MANY others didn't. This one has been a monster for those in Arknasas, Kentucky and Missouri not to mention farther west. One of our co-workers is in Chicago training on a new piece of equipment and somebody talked to her yesterday. It was above zero so she was pretty happy.

One of the other guys up there has been looking at my Pap smears for a couple of years now, and he called today with good news. Completely normal. Several hours later yet another one told me that she had been praying for that. I love it when that happens, don't ya'll?

I managed to get some pretty pics today after it lightened up a bit, but the best will be tomorrow when the sun comes out. Maybe I'll see a rainbow in one of those crystals.

BG and I have been studying dental implants because she's overdue for one. She's been missing a front tooth since they all came in...one of those congenital things that my mother also had. When her braces came off, a bridge went in with the understanding that it wouldn't last much past 20. Which was right. It breaks about once a week. Time for a new tooth! We are toying with ideas about how to celebrate her graduation in May with a girl trip. For both of us, it's been way too long.

As my dear friend LPT says from East Tennessee....Happy Hump Day ^j^
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