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true story
I stood in the huddle gathered in our waiting room today, eyes glued on the TV as we witnessed the inauguration of President Obama. Patients drifted in and watched with us in between IDs and blood drawing. BG and her co-workers watched in spurts today while herding elementary school kids. I think it'll kinda be like "remember where you were when...." with this particular day in political history.

One of my co-workers said she thought it was silly to make such a big deal about him being the "first black president." There are two lovely African American ladies who work as part of our team. Miss Anita is one of them. We stood there watching the babygirl play and chuckling about how they will do that. She's got two little grandgirls herself. I asked her if she ever thought she'd see the day. She was quiet for a minute, but explained the silence vividly. " Me..I've never really seen true hardship, but my mama sure did."

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