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window of opportunity
I don't know ya'll, but I think I'm in total mind love with the new guy in charge of fixing taking a big fat Quixote style jab at the clusterf**k that is our healthcare delivery system. Way too much of it is about money with compassion and empathy a mere dab of gravy on the top of corporate America's pile of mashed 'taters. I speak from experience. Tons of it.

From Halloween 'til Easter, blood banks have to scurry just to keep their shelves halfway stocked with red cells or platelets from those who take the time out of the perpetual rat race to help make a life easier. My good friend Fennie was one of those who outlived sickle cell anemia thanks to regular transfusions. She died about three years ago after giving her testimony at a dinner for donors. When I first met her, she was gruff and tough but I wouldn't accept that. We became friends in spite of it and I still miss her, yellow eyes and all.

Things get broken when government is too big for its' britches. That is what has happened to us here in the US. Of course the Corey B. Trotz's of the world haven't helped matters. When a desire to help people turns into a race to see who can make the most money, dignity gets lost in the process.

I just pray that somebody with faith is minding the store.

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