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another twist in the road
I got a call from my oldest brother yesterday informing me that the other shoe had dropped. He was out of town on business and Daddy called him and said he'd had a wreck. And left. And gone home. This is second big accident in less than a year crossing the busy by-pass. There will be no more because it's over for him and the truck except for piddling around the farm. Mom hasn't driven in several years due to her eyesight so they're soon to be ferried about by BG, myself and Bubba. I'm seriously considering asking sugardaddy for a cadillac so i can drive them in style to church and their appointments :) As fate would have it, my brother was in a meeting attended by Daddy's doc and he told him what was up. The state will take care of the rest.

There are still many folks in the area without power and the utility crews have filled up every hotel and restaurant for over a week. I stopped by the feed store on the way home to buy some crack get some gardening stuff and thistle seed. This is the same place that bought some of my pecans and they are as tickled as I am to see warmer weather and sunshine. Pecans are STILL falling.

I'm seriously considering a master's degree of some sort...not exactly sure what. It costs so much to get one, you have to weigh options carefully in this economy. Because I still have a job that pays decently, there's no aid. Not at all sure I want to go into debt again when I'm just crawling out.

BG has been in overdrive all week learning defensive postures to use with kickin'screamin'hateful kids at school. Extended time out is her second home! But you know what? She loves every minute of it and that gives me warm fuzzies.

Time to fetch a beer and commence to cleaning the house. I imagine there will be dancing as well.

Have a great weekend and ...well, you know.

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