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When the word profit entered the picture, you can bet your sweet smartass that humanity went out the window. My career has seen three changes or ownership and I got screwed every time, believing that change is good. The truth is that the worker bee gets the short end of the stick. Loyalty matters not a whit during days when money and political power are on the line. Remember the late great Frist v Schiavo debate? That, my friends, is when I lost the faith in corporate America circa Poopie. So, I'm a slow learner. Sue me.

I chuckle sadly when I read the articles about how american families are going to have to adjust their lifestyles when there is war raging all over our great but fragile little world. People starving and such. Give back your damn luxury car and eat beenie weenies like the rest of us big.fat.stars. All I can say is that I admire the ones who give back, remembering from whence they came. Big Ernie likes that kind of stuff.

In case ya'll can't tell, I'm in a mood and there's no hormones involved whatsoever. I'm past all that, if you know what i mean. There's more of a turning over the tax tables kind of running-Stafford fit brewing and it won't be pretty when it breaks loose.

As Oprah would say "Watch out for the ugly cry."

Peace out.

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