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I say it every year around this time. "This has been the looooongest winter ever!" And every year, I mean it. I don't like the heat'n'humidity around these parts, but the growing things concept always wins out over my total disgust with sweating through summer in Tennessee. We've survived two weeks of dead winter without heat and we saw some snow and ice. Let's get on with spring, dammmit.

I was visiting with my parents earlier today and we started talking about how they NEVER cussed around us. And bless our hearts, we picked up the naughty words anyway. Go figure. Anyways, imagine my surprise when I heard my dear Aunt Granny let fly with an F bomb one day at the hospital. Somebody was sick or dying or something and she was not patient with the elevator. From that day forward, I knew that we were soul sisters. Shit is my favorite word thanks to an upbringing with George Carlin as a hero. Thus, poop happens.

Love ya. Mean it.

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