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it's hard to be faith
I haven't been up in the kudzu for months so BG and I decided to have some beers on the patio. Faith NEVER leaves unless she's following one of us out and just kinda cuts across to the by-pass where her favorite places are like UPS and Roadhawg Saloon. When we got home she was missing and the other (sometimes) roommate who fixes things was out looking for her. He came home empty handed.

All in the world I wanted to do was put on jammies and lay down to watch The Office but I drug my butt out to the Camry and drove up the road. Went to UPS first and some package loader over there told me he'd seen a dog in the ATT parking lot next door. It's like where they park their trucks and stuff. I eased over that way to find a huge chain link fence with a padlock between me and my beautiful brown eyed girl. There was a number posted for access, so I called and the guy was in Kentucky doing repair work from the ice storm. "Uh..my dog is locked in your lot" I said. Dude said he'd call a local to come out and free Faith from the compound. I parked in the drive and bent over to visit while we waited. She's not one to talk much unless you really work with her, but I heard some really heavy whining, if you know what I mean.

All's well that ends well I suppose..except for Faith. When I got home today, she was on a chain out front. Gotta learn somehow.

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