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little moments
For as long as I live, I will never forget the look of pure bliss on my mother's face when she held her five month old grandson this morning for the first time. He and his mom and dad live in Virginia so this is the first chance they've had to travel to Tennessee with him. The surprised us by being at the restaurant where we showed up for late breakfast after early church. He got passed all around and there were smiles and giggles. Immediately when he landed in mom's lap, he laid his head on her shoulder like he knew he was with grandma at last. That's when my tears started streaming. The nice thing about being a middle aged gal is that you don't care what people think when you do that sort of thing. Heh.

Bubba just stopped by and we went out to bottle feed an orphan calf. The poor little guy held out for a bit while Bubba wrestled him to the ground but once he started bawling I stuck the bottle up in his mouth and away he went. Chow time for his first taste of milk in a month! Just call me cowgirl Poops.

BG and friend spent their morning going through old photos and making a collage and scrapbook for her dad. She handed me one that was taken twenty years ago, a much younger tanner blonder version of who I am today. Her comment was this: "Put this on your dresser and tell youself every day how beautiful you are."

Will do sugar. Will do.

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