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muddy paws and double fried
It is wet and cool and quite dreary here on Pecan Lane. Good day to stay inside and play listening to the rain fall on my newly planted salad. yum.yum. BG is off on a mission to find dresses for a friend's wedding and the other roommate is fixing stuff. Some kind dude at the auto parts place put my new wipers on in the drenching rain. Life is good.

Daddy and I met with his neurologist yesterday and there seemed to be not much change. It appears that having the burden of being "the one in charge" lifted from him has settled him down where he can enjoy life. There's always a blessing, if you look close enough. The new grandboy will pay his first visit in the next few days. Can ya'll just imagine what a hugfest that will be??

We watch the food channel almost 24/7 and experimented the other night with the double fried technique on 'taters. It was fantastic...lots of crunchies.

Talked with my old friend Hoss yesterday and he's still kicking. He kind of forgot who I was until I reminded him about us getting stuck in the mud and me leaving him there to die. *snort*

Peace out. Call 'yo momma. Keep the faith ^j^
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