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ok, so the groundhog lied

...like a rug. The wind is howling and there's snow in the forecast for this weekend. That's what I get for buying spinach, broccoli and romaine bedding plants and tilling a garden spot. That's okay, I can wait. Old Poops is patient to a fault.

Today has been a "day for the 'rents" for me. Mom's friend picked her up for lunch and bridge and Daddy and I went to Mary Lou's for greens. Then we picked her up from the bridge club and they both went to the dentist while I did the Kroger thing. It's all in the way you plan things. His appointment with the neurologist was re-scheduled for this Friday due to gale force wind and rain. Still got my list of questions tucked away.

We're in the process of dismantling the history that sits close to the barn. One of the buildings was surely an outhouse at one time, complete with screen window on the back. We're digging through the rubble looking for treasures and saving weathered wood for frames. Then, the big machine will dig a hole and bury the mess.

The other day a good friend shared something that gave me a big shot of faith, which is always appreciated. She told of her small group's discussion of the book of Esther and how I have been Mordecai to her over the years. As a very non-traditional Christian myself, that just gave me the warm fuzzies. Big Ernie must think I'm doing something right!

Ya'll keep warm and look for spring. I just KNOW it's out there somewhere ^j^
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