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walking man
After Daddy's wreck, I wasted no time in dialing up all interested parties with the news. "What can we do?" was their collective reply. That's faith in action, paid forward. No surprise there, just a great big shoutout to Big Ernie. Bubba took mom and dad to church and I picked them up for a late breakfast at Perkins. We'll visit the neurologist later in the week and get the truck fixed and take it day by day. Truth be told? It's a relief to have a plan and a village to help make it happen.

After breakfast we stopped by the store to get bananas and (caffeine free) diet coke. Mom and I sat in the car while Daddy stood in line behind some gal doing a months worth of shopping on a whim. From the corner of my left eye, a figure appeared shuffling slowly forward, not looking up. As he approached, I recognized him as a guy who graduated in my class. Homeless, he was walking the pavement looking for cigarette butts. His gaze never wavered. I got out and called his name but he never looked up. Just went on his journey north. When I got home, I called Yaya to find out what's up with him. She knows everything about everybody, ya know? A little bit of research confirmed that it was, in fact, him and that alcohol and drugs are the twin demons. I'll spare you our suppositions about why he was at that particular place because it ain't pretty.

Mama said " There's always somebody worse off than you."

Yep. And Amen ^j^

Walking Man - James Taylor
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