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won't you be mine?

Valentine's day just so happens to be my parents' anniversary. As of this one, they've been together for fifty five years, which means that I'll be 54 in a blink of the proverbial eye. But who's counting, right? Certainly not this smartass. I'm just thankful to be above ground for the moment. I'd hate to die a born again virgin.

The sawmill was hopping today with various sick and afflicted folks mixed in with the ones who have no insurance so they show up for every little thing. We are short staffed on weekends so it can get kind of hairy at times. After work I made a crack caffeine free diet coke delivery to Mom and found them visiting with Aunt Kathy and Susan, celebrating over a century of family and devotion. The couples like them who stay together through thick and thin are truly a dying breed. Kinda makes me sad sometimes.

The third roommate had a free day yesterday and gifted us with a Friday homecoming that included a clean house. Worth more than gold, ya'll. Taking the cue, me and the dogs wandered around the yard sniffing the aroma of spring and checking out the daffodil buds. Things are greening up quite nicely in the pasture and fields.

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