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the gods are angry
The lawnmower gods, that is. Evidently I have failed to pay proper homage to them because I am now taking a break from PUSH mowing my acre here in paradise. Um hmm. OH yes! I do have a nice riding mower, but for some odd reason I can't seem to keep the belt from popping off of it for one single entire day.

As I was rounding the corner in the back pushing with all my might I caught a whiff of the most horrific smell ever. WTF could that be???? And then I glanced up and spotted the garbage bag containing the dead Easter bunny laying on top of the roof to the basement. Yowza.....he's been up there for several days. And why, do you ask is he on the roof? Well, I thought I had the situation all neatly bagged up and put away until the baby dog showed up at the front door with a rabbit's foot in her mouth. It didn't help her luck any either....she still got spayed this week AND is recovering from a broken leg. Anyhoo, later on I'll drag that bagged up bunny down and burn him and that will be the end of THAT tale. Maybe.

I know...you SO want to be me. It's called poopie envy.
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