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i hate it when that happens
You know..like when the world grabs you by the gonads and yanks you back to reality. This is kinda sorta the week that won't end for the Poopster, if you know what I mean. I'll spare you all the details 'cuz I don't like to whine. Let's just say I continue to roll with the punches and laugh when I feel like screaming.

So..um. Let's see, where was I? OH. I remember. Nothing new in the weather department except for Katrina. It's still hot as hades around here and humid too! Like a sauna! Yay! (grrrrrr) I went by the "major chain grocery store" after work this afternoon and ran into a couple of buddies who work there, plotting to take out one of the busybodies that works with 'em. I reckon it's the same in every workplace. 50% of the people do 120% of the work while the other 50% do their own thing and get away with it and the suits play golf. I'm proud to be a peon though. Peons can walk away and forget it all after hours.

Gotta go check that Sour Cream Chocolate Pound Cake in the oven. One of the nurses tasted Fast Eddie's birthday cake the other day and promised to buy one at the March of Dimes bake sale for 20 bucks tomorrow.

Just one more thing. Is it Friday yet?

Over and out from Smartassville. ;)
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