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Surely, even those without the gift have seen or heard the the signs of fall by now. If not, well..sucks to be them in the summer of '06. Knowing what's coming is all that keeps my middle aged sweaty self going from car to house to the sawmill and back. Makeup is history until it doesn't slide plum 'offa my cute little face onto the nearest sleeve. That should save a bundle for SugarDaddy. The ree'a'rees were giving it heck out there around sunset. Still are, for that matter. I found the first autumn clematis bloom while walkin' the yard, hidden up under the leaves. That means it's almost my birthday....again. Where did that year go?

Faith went to the kudzu bar with me yesterday to snap a few pictures. That girl goes anywhere I go, and loves every second of the ride with her ears flapping in the breeze. It's her dogaversary this month...three years since she became a part of the Poopie family. She and Butterbean are chillin' on my bed in front of the fan to celebrate.

dog days
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